Physician heal thyself

Our Open day at the cottage went very well, it was nice that some of the local people around Lydd who had waked past the cottage and spotted the Tardis finally had a chance to take a proper look !

I enjoyed all the 50th Anniversary programmes, books and audios and they make a nice addition to my late brother’s collection.

I was particularly pleased that the Eigth Doctor got to return, however briefly, in the 6 minute prequel to ‘The Day of the Doctor’ ‘The Night of the Doctor’ and he foretold the events of  ‘The Day of the Doctor’ very well – because the Doctor did heal himself !

It gave Paul a chance to show what a great Doctor he could have become.

Of course he had already done that with his performances in the ‘Big Finish’ audios, but nice to see him ‘in the flesh’ !

If you enjoyed ‘The Night of the Doctor’ I strongly recommend purchasing some of the audios to discover his adventures prior to regenerating into ‘The War Doctor.

His first one ‘Storm Warning’ is an excellent introduction to the series, and is in the collection at the cottage if you fancy giving the audios a try. If staying at the cottage at Christmas, I would also highly recommend the Eight Doctor audio story  ‘The Chimes of Midnight’ – a perfect seasonal treat.