Poo, Jamie you don’t half stink of fish!

25th February – 4th March is Rye Bay Scallop Week.

Rye’s mouthwatering locally caught scallops are said to be some of the best in the country.

It is a mainly restaurant-based event when the local delicacy is at its plumpest and most succulent. The festival features cookery schools, cooking and scallop shucking demos. The week culminates on the final day with the hotly contested ‘What a Load of Scallops’ race with competitors racing barrows of scallops, through the cobbled streets of Rye, to win the coveted wooden scallop plaque.

King Charles 1st got his scallops from Rye, so if you like your scallops you shopuld enjoy the event !

Personally, I like scallops with bacon and here is a recipe.

Looking forward to viewing the recently discovered ‘lost’ episode of ‘The Underwater Menace’ – not the best of stories, but any performance by Patrick Troughton is a gem.