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Finally, a 12th Doctor figure.


Just added this to the cottage –  since they switched from making 5″ Doctor Who figures to 3.5″ figures there has been an annoying absence of a 12th Doctor figure in the collection. Got tired of waiting for someone to make an official one so have scratch built my own from various parts.

Wearing his outfit from ‘Forest of the Night’. Not perfect, but will do until an official release (if it ever happens)


Holiday of My Lifetime

Ten minutes drive from the cottage is Dungeness.  Apart from being used as a location for the Doctor Who story ‘Claws of Axos’, it is an important ecological site and also an RSPB nature reserve.

If you would like to see what you can expect to find there if you book a holiday at the cottage, it would be worth trying to catch up with a recent episode of the BBC 1 series ‘Holiday of My Lifetime with Len Goodman’.

Len Goodman takes world-famous birdwatcher and comedian Bill Oddie back to the wilds of Dungeness in Kent to reminisce about the holiday he took back in 1957 when he was a teenager.


Christmas 1894

I thought you might be interested to see this page from ‘The Illustrated London News’ of December 24th 1894.

The illustrations accompanied a story describing how, during a great storm, a mysterious blue box appeared in Lydd Churchyard. An unknown man calling himself the ‘Doctor’ managed to deflect a lightning strike on the church, during the midnight mass. The conflagration that would have, inevitably, followed may have led to many villagers losing their lives. Reluctant to accept the villagers gratitude, the strange ‘Doctor’ did partake of a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, but insisted that he had merely been taking action to prevent a Rutan invasion? 


We have reason to believe there’s something rather unusual in the Loch

Two recent additions to the DVD collection at the cottage are the recently rediscovered Second Doctor story ‘The Enemy of the World‘ and the Fourth Doctor story ‘Terror of the Zygons’ – both, coincidentally, included shoots at Climping in West Sussex.

In ‘Enemy of the World’ it featured as a beach in Australia and in ‘Terror of the Zygons’ a Scottish beach on the North Sea !

If you want to visit Climping during your stay at the cottage, it is about 80 miles along the coast and takes about 2.5 hours to drive there.


Physician heal thyself

Our Open day at the cottage went very well, it was nice that some of the local people around Lydd who had waked past the cottage and spotted the Tardis finally had a chance to take a proper look !

I enjoyed all the 50th Anniversary programmes, books and audios and they make a nice addition to my late brother’s collection.

I was particularly pleased that the Eigth Doctor got to return, however briefly, in the 6 minute prequel to ‘The Day of the Doctor’ ‘The Night of the Doctor’ and he foretold the events of  ‘The Day of the Doctor’ very well – because the Doctor did heal himself !

It gave Paul a chance to show what a great Doctor he could have become.

Of course he had already done that with his performances in the ‘Big Finish’ audios, but nice to see him ‘in the flesh’ !

If you enjoyed ‘The Night of the Doctor’ I strongly recommend purchasing some of the audios to discover his adventures prior to regenerating into ‘The War Doctor.

His first one ‘Storm Warning’ is an excellent introduction to the series, and is in the collection at the cottage if you fancy giving the audios a try. If staying at the cottage at Christmas, I would also highly recommend the Eight Doctor audio story  ‘The Chimes of Midnight’ – a perfect seasonal treat.


My word, it is. It’s been a long time.

I can’t think of a better 50th Anniversary treat for Doctor fans than the discovery of the two missing Troughton stories ‘The Web of Fear‘ and ‘The Enemy of the World’.

Astonishing to think that I was only seven years old when these were first transmitted, and that is 46 years since they were last broadcast !

Patrick Troughton was my Doctor – I was a little to young to really remember the First Doctor that well and found the Third Doctor’ a bit too ‘establishment’ to fire my imagination.

I remember being totally convinced by the underground setting of  The Web of Fear‘ as too, it would seem, were London Transport – given that the quality of the sets, lighting and photography were so good that they angrily wrote to the BBC demanding to know how they gained access to their tunnels !

Fantastic feeling to see the episodes again – although a little bittersweet, as I know my late brother would have been over the moon about the return of them. Can’t help wishing they had been found just a few years earlier.



Every so often I like to add to my late brother’s collection, as and when they come out, any new items that might be of interest to guests and especially returning guests.

The Tenth Planet has beed added which includes an animated version of the missing episode which featured the very first regeneration from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton.

Should keep you all our visitors entertained in the evenings or if the English Summer takes a turn for the worse !